03 September 2019

No longer in a foreign land with anonymous people. It becomes home. They are our people, our family.

Celebrating Jeremiah's birthday with yummy goat meat - Jaiden, Joy, Jasmine, Jada

We sang 'Happy Birthday' and Jeremiah blew out his candles

Carol and Jeremiah

A crazy thing happens to missionaries
where you no longer feel like
you're in a foreign land with anonymous people. 
It becomes home.
They become our people, our family.

~ Dave Decker, missionary in West Africa
[quoted by Rick and Debbie Sacra, Liberia]

Getting caught up with Esther, Baby Jay...

... and Masudi, while enjoying pizza and chicken wings

Celebrating Smith's first birthday, along with the family - Betty, Fred, and Jason

We enjoyed pizza, chicken, chips, brownies, and ice cream

I took Linet to her first-ever big screen movie - Lion King (in 3-D)

I took this photo of the screen through my 3-D glasses (not easy!)

It's always fun to hang out with friends at the Lee family's house!

Selfie with the ladies - me, Anna, Annie, Lyz, and Martha

Deb and Debbie (fellow missionary), together for the first time after being connected by mutual friends 
Yet another time Gloria and I met to discuss our current book, and also enjoy some delicious Indian food 


Anonymous said...

The smiles on everyones' faces is GREAT! Friends all......for a lifetime! Love it, Mom

Dave said...

This is going in Casual Friday this week. Such a good pictorial example of what so many cross-cultural workers could attest to. Also good to see Debbie Sardo!