26 February 2007

March Prayer Letter - How to Pray for Missionaries

by David Wang
(excerpts taken from Mission Today, May 1994)

The missionary must have intercessors who stand alongside them, praying on a regular and systematic basis.
  • Plead the protection of Jesus’ blood over the body of the missionary. Hostile climate, diseases, language barriers, strange customs, oppression of the enemy, and difficult circumstances can take their toll on the missionary.
  • Pray that the missionary may know God’s rest and peace.
  • Pray that the missionary may resist Satan, take authority over him, and refuse to accept his lies and accusations.
  • Missionaries usually travel extensively in their work. Pray for their safety as they travel.
    They often live in abnormal, difficult, and sometimes dangerous situations. The natural love of the human heart will fail many times. Without the love of Christ filling them, adversity can induce hardness of the heart, impatience, sharpness of speech, anger, and prejudice. Pray that the love of God will fill the heart of the missionary.
  • How easy it is to labor in the arm of the flesh, depending on one’s own strength, wisdom, and ability - but how futile. Satan only mocks us for he recognizes no power, but the power of God. Pray for the anointing of God to rest on the missionary.
  • Pray that the missionary may be continually filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray that disciples will be made in every national church and for national pastors and their families.
    Inform yourself of the specific prayer targets of the mission field through their prayer letters and other forms of communication.
  • Pray knowledgeably.
  • Be specific, systematic, and steadfast in praying for real and defined needs. Pray consistently.
  • Pray believing.
  • Pray using Scripture (ex: Ephesians 1:15-19) and/or with fasting.
  • Praise God for the answers. Give God the praise due Him for answered prayer. As you pray, praise Him for the answers before they are manifested. Prayer is mighty, but prayer with praise is mightier.

I need faithful prayer warriors for my ministry to be effective! Please let me know if you'll commit to this invaluable ministry!

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Deb,
I have just printed out your March prayer letter for each in our bible study class. I made one copy of your pictures to pass around for everyone to see tomorrow. (Hopefully if parking on my street is safe enough.

Ade drove to Wichita after 4 PM Sat and made it OK. He was going to drive back Sun after church at 9PM. He was preaching there.

Friends picked me up and I got to church yesterday. The streets were not bad. The service was powerfully anointed.

Maybe you would like to call Marie Urbanec at the Ambassador. She will be in this rehab place for the next 6 to 8 wks until she gets her cast off. Her private no. is: 384-7663.

Love ya. Peggy Eccl 9:10a

Just clicking "other" worked fine!

Anonymous said...

It is a blessing to have a heart that think about others,the love that pushes the feet to spead the gospel and the lovbe of God.Being a witness of your work,it is much more than just encouraging you for this work for I am one of those you ministered to and encouraged while I was living in Kenya,Africa.may God bless you in this work as you spead God's love.
Jean Claude(Canada)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Deb for the great ideas for praying specifically -- they're very helpful!

Have a great & godly day!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Deb,
We are finally home from ND and a beautiful snow blizzard there too. We were all snowed in for three days and packed up lots of family memories.
What a special prayer list on how to pray for missionaries. Many of them I do already in praying for you, but I was so thrown by the thought-provoking statement that Satan only knows God's power and pays no attention to our wimpy tries. (not the wording in the quote but it sure makes me think!)
Thank you for sharing these helpful
prayer suggestions.
In prayer for a special missionary named Deb,
Love, Marge

Anonymous said...

Hello Deb,

I pray for you as you pray for Kenya and your work there. May God richly provide for all your needs according to His riches in glory. I know that you have already seen His provision...and there is so much more. Blessings

Bonnie Matulka