18 March 2008

A Quick Trip Upcountry for a Burial

This hand-dug grave is where 2-year old Kevin was buried. He died of malaria and pneumonia. His parents, David Juma and Betty, are left with their other three children. Infant- and child-mortality rates are quite high in Kenya. Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rates in the world. This was the 2nd burial for a child or infant that I've been to in the past three months.

The older lady in this photo kept telling me (in Swahili) that she knew me. I kept responding "si jui wewe." (I don't know you.) She even said I'd been to her home. I found out later that she's one of Zadok's grandmothers. In fact, I did meet her quite some time ago!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Deb....
So sad! Isn't this Bishop's nephew, son of our David Juma from Eldoret/Matunda? If so, could you please send me David's email.
Be blessed....