05 October 2010

Celebrating Rose's birthday

Masudi, Jim, and Sammy

Me and Rose

Walking near the Donholm Caltex

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Unknown said...

It's hard to believe you've been there for so long! May you be blessed as you continue your work. It looks as if you know some very beautiful people.

We're fine - Chase lives 250 miles away, working full time and going to school. Grant just lost his job and is sad, but we know God has a plan for him. He's casting around and working on it. Melody (18) is going to school full time and working about 24 hours a week as a nanny to 5 very young kids. She also does choreography and teaches dance at our theatre company. I'm still homeschooling Noah, 11. I'm also teaching art classes and teaching at theatre, painting their sets for their shows. Gary travels with his job, but is now fortunately home a little more, maybe gone now only about 12 days a month instead of 20+! God has richly blessed us. I'll be praying for you as well.