04 November 2010

Buying Spices from Omar Sharif

"Pasta" from India

Mombasa is a port city on the Indian Ocean
Merchandise of all sorts is brought here by large boats - literally from all over the world! I had decided to get fresh spices for making Kenyan chai (yummy!) from Zanzibar. Somehow Omar (who found us strolling through the busy streets of Old Town) seemed to know that. He was out-and-about searching for customers.

Ryan and I with our very charming salesman - Omar

Curry from two different countries

Omar weighing our purchases
There was quite a bit of haggling over the final prices :) Ryan got the makings for Chicken Tandori and Saffron Rice. I bought cinnamon pieces, whole cardamon, and whole cloves to use in making chai.

This man at the MacKinnon market keeps a 5-shilling coin in his ear for good luck.

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Anonymous said...

How can that guy hear with a coin in his ear? Very interesting videos and pictures. Love, Peggy