18 April 2011

Good times with friends!

Jeremiah and Jasmine (2 months old)

Carol and Jasmine

Joy (three above photos are from February 2nd)

The pastor at my church in Nairobi, Doug, baptizing Emily (March 6)

Moses asked the questions (in Swahili) for some of the baptism candidates

Carol and I visited Ben and Vera in Kijabe (March 17)

Vera with Jasmine (3.5 months old) and David (1 year old)

It was Jasmine's first time to travel out of Nairobi

Moses, Rose, Emily, and I played a competitive game of Scrabble recently

I took Jim to the Kenya-Angola "football" (soccer) match at Nyayo stadium

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Anonymous said...

I could EAT Jasmine's little lips!