21 June 2014

Scrabble, Jenga, fixing a flat tire, buying dvd's, a concert, a debate, homegroup, plus Carol and Jeremiah's church

Hannah was the victor in one of our recent Scrabble games.

On this game with Jennifer, Joanie, and Hannah,
I was the winner and got the coveted medal!

Fun game of Jenga with Moses, Emily, and Pippa

Joanie stayed with me for 8 days recently.
When she got ready to leave, we discovered she had a flat tire!

I was unable to get the spare tire off, so I called my trusty
boda boda driver, Fredrick, for his masculine muscle :)

Buying dvd's at a hole-in-the-wall shop in downtown Nairobi

Joanie, Hannah, and I had an absolutely lovely time at a concert with the Greenwood Singers,
held at the British High Commission.

Several folks from my church took part, including Cheryl (in the middle).

I attended a so-called 'debate' between the Christian perspective of Christ's deity and the Muslim perspective. My friend, Dave Osborne (a missionary in Kisumu) gave the Christian perspective. He informed the crowd of approximately 175 people that he had no interest in 'winning a debate'. Instead, he spoke of God's love and forgiveness for all of mankind.

My homegroup at a recent social. Such a GREAT group of people!

Dennis gave the sermon when Hannah and I attended Carol and Jeremiah's church recently.
On the right is his interpreter (from English to Swahili)

Some of their members that were in attendance that day, in front of their tent.

Jeremiah, Carol, Joy, and Jasmine after the service

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