08 July 2006

2-Day Free Medical Clinic

Above: Nora's Mom and little brother, Nora, Amy, me, Margaret Wanjala, Dr. Chris.
These two pictures are from the 2-day free medical clinic that I helped with in Matunda a couple of weeks ago. Dr. Chris removed a 1.5 inch thorn (likely from an acacia bush or tree) from Nora's ankle. When she came into the clinic, she could hardly walk at all. Her ankle had gotten very swollen and painful with a severe infection. The local doctor that saw her wrote out a referral and told her to go to a "hospital for surgery". Dr. Chris assessed the situation and confidently proclaimed, "I can do it here!" She sent Amy to the tubs of supplies (that the team had brought along) for the items she would need. Margaret was summoned to act as interpreter.

It took several of us to hold Nora still while Chris did her work. Nora was a real trooper in the midst of her many tears. Everybody rejoiced when Chris pulled the thorn out. Nora's mom exclaimed, "Refu (long)!" when she saw it. Margaret asked Nora if she'd gotten it while searching for firewood. Nora nodded in the affirmative. To say that children in Kenya live a different sort of life than those in the States is putting it mildly. Imagine, having to hunt for firewood every single day so you can eat!

Chris, continued to concentrate on her work and cleaned the area out thoroughly. Once the ordeal was over with and her ankle was bandaged, we all gave Nora several hugs. Amy prayed that the wound would completely heal.

With a little bit of asking around, I found where they lived a few days later. I wanted to stop by to see how Nora was doing. She came walking towards me grinning from ear to ear - and walking with NO limp! "Sasa (How are you)?", I inquired. "Niko poa (I'm well)", came her immediate reply.

We helped with many such situations during the two days. We treated around 1,000 people with all sorts of ailments. Every child that came received a de-worming syrup. Most rural Kenyans have no extra money to seek medical treatment or to purchase the medicine needed. This team comes every year to assist in this heroic endeavor.


Jim said...

I know Matunda, I have friends there who I support. Thank you for helping the people of Matunda.


Amy said...

I am home now, but I wanted to let you know that I will continue to pray for your ministry there in Kenya. Mungu Akubariki

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and blogging of events during the clinic. What a special way to reach the hearts of those with whom you helped. Thanks for sharing, Deb.
Love, Marge

Anonymous said...

Matunda:it reassuring to see that little corner of creation is not beyond Gods field of view.He seems to be kicking up a fuss about it with foot soldiers like you.as you make the sacrifice,God bless you for being brave.