07 September 2006

Traveling Kenya Style

This is Karo's dad on the morning we left their place. We had booked 3 boda bodas (bicycle taxis) for 7:00am sharp... but they didn't show up. So... we walked about 45 minutes before we found one. Karo and Joy took it, while we kept walking. Then two came - one for me and one for the luggage. Just to reach the road from their house is a difficult walk. Nothing is easy, it seems, in Kenya.

Karo's mom is carrying a very heavy bag of sweet potatoes and greens (both from their "shamba"), "omena" (minnow-like fish from Lake Victoria), and a freshly slaughtered hen. This is the typical way Kenyan women carry things. And the items in the bag are very typically sent home with urbanites when they visit rural areas.

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