03 September 2010

My boda boda driver

Wycliff collecting me at my house
I've used him for 8 years, because I've always felt comfortable with him "in the driver's seat"!

Wycliff very proudly invited me to his house to meet his family.
This is his wife and newborn son, Arnell.

His mom also stopped by to meet me.
The young boy in front is Brian, Wycliff's first-born.

On our way back to my house after visiting Mary Alu

The area got pelted with rain two nights before I left.
That morning, the normal route was impassable,
so Wycliff took me via the Kona Mbaya route (which is longer).
However, it too was a mess!
At this point, he had me walk so he could attempt to maneuver the mud.
He almost slid off of the road!

Notice the bicyclist is forced to push his bike.
The guy ahead on the motorbike has to use his feet to keep himself upright.

It was a treacherous ride, but we finally did reach Matunda market in one piece!


Anonymous said...

100 years ago the US only had 144 miles of paved roads. These photos would be very close to what Georgia would have looked like with their red dirt. We take so much for granted here without being thankful. Thanks for all the pics. They are awesome. Karen

Anonymous said...

I dig the above comment a lot. It should be an encouragement to developing countries in Africa.

But thank you for sharing about your boda driver. :) It looks like the bodas in Kenya have skinnier tires than the ones in Uganda.

I look forward to meeting Wycliff next month in Nairobi.

From the muddy roads of Kampala to the muddy roads of Nairobi,

deb said...

Ryan, Wycliff is my boda boda driver in the Matunda area, which is nowhere near Nairobi. You'll have to plan another trip to my mud hut to meet him!