08 May 2013

Trip to Tanzania, March 2013

It seemed like Kenya's election was as good a time as any to take a vacation. And because it had been several years since my last trip to Tanzania, it seemed like a good idea to once again visit friends in Dar es Salaam!

Robert and his daughter, Damaris

Ladies' day out, with Penny and Faraja (Robert's wife)

As always, it was good to feast my eyes on some new scenery!

Pretty much anywhere I go, I love to interact with folks along the way.

I had a great time!

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Naomi Hattaway @ naomihattaway.com said...

Mom if you have a decent internet connection, would you post some of those photos (that have blue) here : https://www.facebook.com/ProjectWorldColors

Or can you email the images to me? They are FAB!