13 June 2017

Catching up, January 2017: An adventurous day at Lake Kanyaboli and a trip down memory lane

Because I was itching to explore something new around Siaya town, I looked on a map and happened to find a lake I'd never heard of - Lake Kanyaboli. Jim and Fridah eagerly joined me for an adventure of discovery.

Waiting by the side of the road for our boda boda guys (motorbike taxis)

Immediately after breakfast, we took a 20-minute boda boda ride from near Agnes' house to Nyagondo stage on the highway. From there, we took a 30-minute matatu ride to Siaya town. The next leg of our journey was a long, tiresome, and dusty boda boda ride to the lake. In fact, two boda boda drivers refused to take us because of the dust!

Wow, this guy has a quite interesting load of odds and ends!

We had no idea what we might find when we got to the lake, but were pleasantly surprised when a guy offered to take us out in a boat. We agreed on a price for two boats, so our boda boda drivers could join us.

[At the end of our time on the lake, the guy suddenly changed his mind on our agreed-upon arrangement and wanted more. But I stood my ground and only gave him the original amount of $10.]

Getting a push away from the shore

Our two boda boda drivers and Frida had never been on a boat before in their lives!

Jim, who is quite adept at any challenge, had been with me on a boat at Machakos Peoples' Park as well as the paddle boats at Uhuru Park in downtown Nairobi many times. He enjoyed rowing the boat for a while, and joyfully sang, "Row, Row, Row the Boat".

Fridah overcame her fear of being on the lake, and also took a turn at rowing the boat for a while!

We were out on the lake for well over an hour and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Beautiful papyrus growing at the edge of the lake

When we got back to Siaya town, we found a small cafe for lunch. Over chicken, chips, and a soda I engaged my two young friends in a stimulating conversation about some basic principles of life:

  • Overcome your fears. Don't be afraid to try something new and different.
  • Be willing to go places where you've never been before.
  • Discover and learn something new each day.

Just before returning to Agnes' house, we stopped by the primary school both Jim and Fridah attended. They had a lot of fun reminiscing about their childhoods

They both remember this large Mugumo tree on the school compound.

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