19 April 2018

An adventure with Fredrick, on the back side of Ngong Hills

I had wanted to see something on the other side of Ngong Hills for a while, so finally Fredrick and I chose a day in early February. A construction company from China has been laying a new railroad track in Kenya, which I recently used on a return trip from Mombasa back to Nairobi.

What I wanted to see in my neighborhood was where they had cut a 2.8-mile (5.4 kilometer) tunnel between Embul-bul to Kimuka (near Ngong town).

I love the stark and wide-open views of the Great Rift Valley. I think somehow, they remind me of the Sandhills in Nebraska.

While still up high on the escarpment, we could see one of many construction camps for the building of the railway.
It's really changed the landscape of the area.

Fredrick politely asked for permission at two entrances to the tunnel. We didn't know if we would be allowed to view it or not... but because of his politeness and some kind guards, they allowed us a quick view and photo. I was happy to see with my own eyes what I had been reading and hearing about in the news.

The intrepid (fearless, dauntless) explorer, ha!

I always enjoy seeing the back side of Ngong Hills!

Everything is coated in dust, during the dry season

The great expanse of the Great Rift Valley

Fredrick took me to this interesting spot, a place I'd not seen before. He knows me well and knew I would like it.

Fredrick with William, the caretaker of this spot while the owner is away.

Later on, we encountered this group of school children. I chatted with the teacher and shook everyone's hands.

“Never did the world make a queen of a girl who hides in houses and dreams without traveling.” 
~ Roman Payne, The Wanderess

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Gloria Sauck said...

You are a true adventurer!