20 April 2018

Maintaining friendships; playing games, celebrating birthdays, sharing meals, walking in the forest

We all love to get together over a good meal and a competitive game of Scrabble.
This time Moses was the champ and is now the proud keeper of our prestigious traveling trophy!

After the meal we enjoyed traditional British 'Creme Tea'. The crucial ingredient - clotted cream - had arrived direct from the UK!

Once again I got to celebrate Blessed Jason's birthday, along with his mom and dad. He's now 6 years old.
And just like two years ago, we had pizza again. This year we also added ice cream and homemade cake.

I traveled across town to visit Masudi and Esther in their new place.
Even though Masudi is a professional cook, Esther was the one who prepared our delicious meal.

Fellow missionary, Joanna, and I spent a whole day together starting with breakfast. I introduced her to Karura Forest and GeoCaching.
She enjoyed seeing the waterfall and the historical Mau Mau caves. After our nice hike and sack lunches,
we added a small evening meal at River Cafe (a lovely restaurant inside the forest) - a spur-of-the-moment idea. 

Robai traveled with me to Kocholia to visit Agnes and her boys - Duane, Adu, and Zach (Pope was at school).

When we alighted from the vehicle at Kocholia market, we found two boda boda guys to take us to Agnes' house. One of them confidently claimed he knew where I wanted to go... however, he wrongly assumed - based solely on my skin color - that I wanted to go to the local orphanage! It took us a while to reach Agnes on her phone, but eventually she was able to tell the guy where she lived.

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