07 May 2019

A fun two-day getaway at Brackenhurst Hotel with a friend, including getting lost - and locked - in the forest in the dark!

Brackenhurst is in one of the many highland areas of Kenya, at over 8,000 feet in elevation. Tea plantations are located where the land is endowed with the perfect conditions - good red soil, consistently nice rainfall, plus bright and sunny days. Tea production is one of Kenya's primary crops, and the harvesting is done primarily by hand.

Another tea plantation

This lovely building at Brackenhurst is where we ate our meals

We squeezed in some GeoCaching around the lovely grounds, all the while enjoying the beauty of nature

Cool view of the sky and trees through the holes in this leaf

I love chameleons, especially Jackson's Three-Horned, and watched this one for a while on a driveway.
Be sure to see his gait (a way of tricking predators) in this 38-second video I shot.And watch his eyes go back and forth!

The meals at Brackenhurst are amazing, but one day we were tempted to get something at the small café.
HA, HA! These pieces of cake were much larger than Susan and I expected :) 

I made this cache at home, out of pop bottle caps.
I brought it along to replace one that had gone missing in Brackenhurst's forest.

We did a lot of hiking in the small forest, finding 2-3 caches. After the final one, I expected us to exit via this gate.
 Oh, my! We found it locked! And... it was far too dark to make our way through the many winding trails.

When I made our room reservation, I kept the phone number of the receptionist. I called her and she called this kind
security guard. It turns out they actually don't keep the key on the premises, so our only way out was to climb
back up the hilly, winding trails. We were very grateful to him and so very glad he had a flashlight!

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