29 October 2019

Another trip upcountry: Eldoret, Kakamega, Malava, Kocholia, Bungoma, Soy Sambu, and Mtoni

Duane will start Class 8 next year and Zach will be in Class 5.

I always enjoy my many trips to the various villages where my friends live. This trip included three families and a missionary friend. It takes some effort and can be tiring, but in the end it's worth it!

Adu finishes Form Four this month, with the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams, completing high school.

Agnes and Linet were happy to see each other again

We stopped by to visit Elaine in the Malava area. It was wonderful to see her again!

Farmers taking sugar cane to the factory

Back: Nathan, Alice (his wife), Sammy (son), Deb (daughter), and Laban (son)
Front: niece to Alice, Clinton (son), Levis (son), and another niece

Five of their six children: Deb, Sammy, Laban (1st born), Levis, and Clinton (Bravis was grazing the cattle)

Nathan has been raising pigs for a few years now

Getting a lift with Nathan on his motorbike

This is Kahawa market, near where my mud hut used to be. When I turned my camera to the left, it was because a bicycle fundi used to repair my bicycle a few times here; in fact, I noticed various bicycle parts and tools lying there. Such great memories for me!

We also visited Ken, Joan, and their young girls. We had a wonderful discussion about spirituality as we ate lunch.

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