30 October 2019

Cows at church, plus a butcher, a rainbow, and a mushroom farmer - a photo gallery for your enjoyment

Cattle graze at a church 

Cattle graze at a small road-side market area

I bought some beef from this friendly butcher at Kabimoi; he's the guardian of one of Dimi's GeoCaches

I watched this rainbow for quite a while, as we bounced along on the highway in a matatu

Dimi, a mushroom farmer, is a good friend of mine. He likes GeoCaching just like me!

Gorgeous acacia trees, spotted while we hunted for another one of Dimi's GeoCaches

A beautiful wheat field

Curio shops alongside the highway on the escarpment, overlooking the Great Rift Valley

Fruit and vegetables available alongside the highway

Cow and sheep hides for sale, alongside the highway, plus ready-made hats


Anonymous said...

Being a Kansas girl, the wheatfield is beautiful to me, but each picture has its own appeal. However, cows grazing at church and the market just made me laugh.
Thanks Deb, for the pics of your "journey". All so different than what we see in Nebraska.

Anonymous said...

I always like the acacias, but each pic is great. Look at all you would miss is you didn't geocache...Mom

deb said...

Marge, I'm glad you enjoyed all the photos! Basically cattle (plus goats and sheep) graze just about anywhere here in Kenya... at the most random places :)

deb said...

Mom, I also love acacia trees! One of the beauties of GeoCaching is that it oftentimes takes you to places where you might not otherwise go.

Sharon said...

I love the organization/display of the fruits and vegetables! ;)
And the hides/hats could be labeled as "fresh"!!!