13 March 2007

The Beginning of Our Adventure

Kim and I met in Kitale (about an hour from my place at Matunda). We sat on a bus for 4.5 (!) hours before it was full of passengers. It was so hot! The really good thing, though, is that we had the two front seats! This photo is of from a bustling street near downtown Kitale, as we headed out on our way - finally!

This is what my travel book had to say about the journey:

"From the thorny wilderness of the Turkana Plains and beyond, it's hard to extract much of a scenic interest unless you're a desert aficiondo, though the regular stops to pick up increasingly wild-looking passengers maintain gently heightening expectation about the far north you're headed to."

We, however, found the scenery to be stunningly beautiful!
We delighted in it all and ooh-ed and aah-ed so much, as we rounded every bend in the road!


Unknown said...

Deb this pics you got off the internet are so cool! i wonder how much these posers got. a small fortune i bet.

Unknown said...

God it was beautiful out here!the scenery makes up a big chunk of my memories of the trip!spectacular!