26 March 2007

A Few More Photos from Our Incredible Adventure

Waste management is a concept that doesn't really exist in Kenya. Both of these scenes above are all too typical throughout Kenya - that of burning trash or trash piled high and unsightly (to say nothing of it being unhealthy).

These two guys are typical of the men we saw. They're both wearing sandals made from recycled tires and carrying their walking sticks and headrests. The one on the right has the typical blanket draped across his body. His hair is covered with blue mud.

The young man on the left is wearing a military-looking shirt. We saw many sporting such shirts and carrying a chip on their shoulder. They seemed to be looking for trouble!

About 50% of the men that we saw wore "wrist knives". These weapons, worn on the wrist, are made from sharpened steel. They're 6-8 inches in diameter and covered with a piece of leather. If provoked, the protective piece of leather is quickly removed and they can go into instant hand-to-hand combat. One swipe with such a weapon could do severe damage!

We had to do a bit of negotiating to convince these guys to let us take their picture. They weren't too interested at first. Finally we agreed on a (nominal) price. But, still they didn't seem so sure about the whole thing.

Notice - they're NOT wearing wrist knives!


Anonymous said...

At first I thought that guy had a growth on his head, just to be told that's a hair style.

Anonymous said...

Deb,they have to be the two most friendly native turkana over a good wide distance... we should have bought them lunch!