15 October 2008

Another Thrilling and Adventurous Bike Ride

You've likely noticed that I've posted photos from a few bike rides. I've long loved to bike (or "cycle", as it's usually referred to in Kenya). I think one of my most favorite places to be is on the seat of a bike!

I strongly believe it gives God pleasure to see me expressing this aspect of my personality.

In the past few months, Kim and I have done 19- and 31-mile rides. Sam joined us on a 22-miler.

All along, we've been building up to this one - a 42-mile ride. It was so much fun! We packed at least a week's worth of fun into just two days!

On our way, we met a new friend - Sammy.
He's the one in the middle of the two bikes.
He's also an avid cyclist.

Sammy joined us for a soda at Kona Baridi (windy corner).

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Anonymous said...

For some reason that picture of all of you reminded me of a picture of our families in the Rocky Mountains. We still talk about that trip all the time. That's when poor little Marvin had little kitty miscarriages all over my house :(....oh i never told you we had to have her put to sleep. Crystal and I cried like babies.