15 October 2008

Wambui, Peter, Sarah

The young man on the left is Peter, son to Wambui. Kim and I met Wambui on another bike ride when we stopped at her small kiosk for a soda. She invited us to come to her home sometime. So... we took her up on her offer.

It was in the middle of nowhere!

We had to push our bikes down this huge hill covered with equally huge stones!

Finally, we could park our bikes and rest.

Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of Wambui. She had to leave early in the morning, before I was even out of bed. She'd gotten a call that one of her daughters was ill. This photo is of Peter, his sister Serah, and some other kids in the family.

Peter leading us back to the road in the morning

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Anonymous said...

Hey Deb...
Enjoying your pics, again. Would love to take a bike ride like that in Kenya. Maybe someday when I retire; yeah, right!! Things are very interesting over here now with the economy and the elections. I pray people will listen carefully to the voice of God before they vote. The future of the unborn child is in the balance, among other things. We are certainly enjoying Josiah here. I have kept him busy with 12-preaching assignments. Then next week, after preaching at Frank Finley's church, he is headed for Omaha after all...then to St. Louis before he heads back to Kentucky and eventually Nairobi on Nov. 11.
Blessings and hugs...