03 January 2009

Bamburi Nature Trails

The boys and I went to the other side of Mombasa (on the north coast) to the Bamburi Nature Trails. Bamburi is a large cement manufacturing company in Kenya. They mined materials they needed in this area for 17 years. It left a gaping hole in the earth and destroyed all natural habitat. So... they rehabilitated it and planted trees and other fauna. They researched what sort of environment would attract local wildlife. It's actually quite a phenomenal feat that they accomplished. This is Musyoka feeding a grain pellet to a giraffe. He was so excited to do it! He'd been to the park once before on a school outing, but the other two - Masudi and Masha - had never been there.

This is Owen, the baby hippo that made world-wide news in 2004. He washed up on the shore of Kenya a few days after the tsunami. He was brought to this park and quickly adopted (so-to-speak) a large tortoise, called "Mzee", as his momma. Now, four years later, he's been moved in with a female hippo. It's hoped that the two of them will eventually mate.

An Eland (the largest of Kenya's antelopes)
and a Vervet monkey (in the background)

A crocodile

These tortoises aren't native to Kenya. There from Seychelles islands. This is Masudi, Musyoka, and Masha. The small boy is a neighbor to Masha.

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