03 January 2009

The Lethargic Village of Shimba Hills

Time moves really slowly in this remote, lethargic village! They don't even get newspapers until mid-day. We spent a lot of time just sitting in silence.

I was ever aware of the rivulets of sweat running down various parts of my body.

This is Masudi and his mom, Stella. She's sorting through some spices for making rice pilaf.

Masudi, cutting open another coconut for me to enjoy

Madi is Masudi's nephew. He's eating a papaya - fresh off the tree. I got the other half. De-licious! Besides fresh papaya and coconut, I also had fresh oranges and passion. Fruit grows like weeds here!

Masudi, relaxing in the wheelbarrow he uses to fetch water

Masha is carving a toothpick for me.
He's using a frond from a coconut tree.

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Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures of our friend Masudi! My mouth is watering for all the fresh fruit!