15 January 2009

Starting School!

I attend Karen Vineyard Church in Nairobi. Almost a year ago I was asked by the church leadership to start up a ministry designed to address and respond to the various needs within the congregation. There are seven of us on the team.
After meeting for several months to establish our policies, we launched Rehema (“mercy” in Swahili) last September. After an application and selection process, these three young men were chosen to be sponsored to high school. On Monday, we traveled to Narok (3 hours from Nairobi) and they began an exciting new phase in their lives. They were thrilled beyond words! To say they were eager to be learning again would be a gross understatement!
I felt very privileged to be a part of providing them with an education that they so highly value. Please keep them in your prayers! I should add that they'll be boarding at the school.
This was Monday’s proverb from my flip-calendar –

“Kindness lifts a person up from the ground.”
Ethiopian proverb

Deng Madit Deng - Form One (9th grade)

Emanuel Mawien - Form One (9th grade)

Mawien Mawien Dut - Form Three (Junior Year)

Two others also went with us - Joseph and Lino.
They're being sponsored through the ministry of Shane (a guy at our church).


Anonymous said...

This is very exciting. I've been waiting to hear details about the Rehema recipients.

Coming back to read in more detail later.

Anonymous said...

Rehema - so very cool! Thanks for sharing the story of the "Lost Boys"...I can't wait to follow their progress at school!