07 December 2019

A few random shots of everyday life in Kenya

Two guys head to work; one carries the mannequins and the other carries used ladies' clothing to sell.
They'll find a spot outdoors under the sun and alongside the road, hoping to earn a few coins during their day.

I happened upon these two Maasai guys, out selling fresh honey (including pieces of honeycomb).
They'll spend the whole day walking along the road looking for customers, also in an effort to earn a few coins.

Road work continues just down the hill from where I live

I stopped to chat with these guys one day. They appreciate their job but don't get paid very much for a 12-hour shift, 6 days a week.

- - - - - 

African continent painted on the wall of a school in Nairobi

One of the classrooms at the school

A friend of mine invited me to this presentation on the other side of Nairobi. A company called Huru ('freedom') provides teaching sessions on menstrual cycles at various schools. Each girl is given a kit for their menstrual cycle, which includes three reusable pads.

65% of women and girls in Kenya cannot afford menstrual pads. Because of this, many girls end up skipping school 3-4 days every month. This has serious personal and educational consequences, like falling behind in class, dropping out altogether, or having to use unsafe substitutes for pads. I was happy to learn about Huru and impressed with the presentation and their product. I hope to buy some of the kits for my friends.

These ladies prepared lunch for those of us who attended Huru's presentation.

My friend, Mukumo, really enjoyed the chapati, nice and warm right off the fire.

 - - - - -

One day I arrived in town very early so I could meet Masudi at his new hotel job.

This is Baba Shari, holding his newborn baby, their second daughter in the family.
He's filling in at his wife's duka (small shop), while she gets some rest.
I often walk the short distance from my house to buy staple items from Mama Shari.

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