10 December 2019

Feeling restless from all the rain, #2 - An unexpected lift in a lorry, and grabbing a GeoCache in Naivasha

It's not unusual to see zebra, baboons, and Thompson gazelles along this stretch of the highway

Zachary (see my previous post, #1) waited with me at the highway for a long time. Finally I got a lift... and unexpectedly it was a lorry that pulled over for me. Ha! It is not easy to climb up into the cab of a truck.

As we headed on down the road, I really enjoyed watching the scenery from a higher vantage point. That's at least the fourth time in Kenya when I've unexpectedly gotten a lift from the driver of a lorry (British term for a large truck).

The 'turn boy' kept his eye on the rear-view mirror making sure their cargo was okay

People often throw food and trash out of the car windows, which is why baboons like to hang out along the highway

Kenya (like much of the world) follows the British style of driving on the left side of the road.
It's not unusual in Kenya for people to walk right beside a highway, as you can see in this photo.


In this brief video, watch how dangerously close people pass one another on the highway. Yikes!

Once we reached Naivasha, I gave the driver 300-bob ($3), climbed down out of the lorry, and found a 'boda boda' (motorbike taxi) to take me to Lake Naivasha Country Club. Fortunately it had stopped raining, because I wanted to avenge a previous 'did not find' for a GeoCache hidden on this lovely garden area next to the lake. As I entered the property, I walked among wild zebra and many beautiful Waterbuck.

I discovered the cache near Lake Naivasha, and was happy to log it as 'found' this time! Once I was finished at the lodge, I hopped back on the boda boda's motorbike and had him take me to a really nice and reasonably priced guesthouse for the night.

Kenya is indeed a fascinating country in many regards. I hope you enjoy my various experiences.

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