12 December 2019

Feeling restless from the rain, #3 - A wonderful (wet) get-away at a wood cabin near the Aberdares (part 1)

As one who craves silence and solitude, I was thrilled with my 'home' for a splendid 48 hours!

After a precarious trip, I was happy to no longer be moving in the rain and mud!

In this video (less than a minute long), I narrate just some of the struggles to get to this place. Whew!

I grew up camping and also raised my kids camping (in tents actually, rather than cabins). I still absolutely love it!

Walk into the fields and look at the wildflowers.
They don’t fuss with their appearance. 
Have you ever seen color and design quite like it? 
Luke 12, Message

The sky was stunning the whole time I was here!

[see part two here]

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Anonymous said...

So wonderful for what god brought deb in Kenya god bless u so much together with ur family