09 November 2006

Camels and Donkeys at the "Dam"

Many people come from as far away as 20 miles! They use camels to carry the water.

These guys reluctantly agreed to let me take this photo.

There's been a problem with the water getting dirty. Many people allow their goats, donkeys, cattle, camels, etc to step into the dam in order to drink. Naturally their feet are dirty and then the water gets too dirty for human consumption.

So... the community is building troughs. They'll be filled with water for the livestock to use. This will hopefully keep the dam water cleaner.

These donkeys have carried stones that will be used to build the troughs.

I got a text message from Ahmed (see next post) the other day. He told me they had finished building the troughs. I think he told me they had planned to build 8-10 of them.


Anonymous said...

Hey Deb...
As usual, great pics with story to follow. Alwasy enjoy your pics, stories, etc. Shitika and Grace are here in Shelbyville. Shitika is coming over in a few minutes for supper. This is the night the gals get together at Daktari's house to pray, so Shitika is hitting the road...coming here. Looking forward to visiting with him and his sweet wife. Josiah is back in Nairobi, and I'm not sure where Bishop is...I think he's headed back your way. Had a great visit in my class the other day with my friends who were on the mission field at Kericho. They are back here living about 6 miles from us. Pray this finds you well.
Praying for you and your ministry.
Love from Kentucky...

Anonymous said...

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