09 November 2006

Community Water Committee

This woman was very, very hesitant to allow me to take her photo. She shyly told me "no" on each of my initial requests. Eventually she agreed. She's on the community "water committee". She answered many of my questions about the dam.

These two guys (one of which is Ahmed) are also on the water committee. They also answered my many questions and proudly told me all about the dam and the trough project. The ONLY reason I got ANY pictures at the dam is because I was with them. They served as my tour guides (so-to-speak) and also served as an intermediary between me (and my white skin and camera) and the reticent people collecting water.

This other woman FINALLY agreed to be photographed. She's also on the committee and proudly, but shyly, told me about the dam.

Much of the time, I'm a frustrated photographer in Kenya. My time at Bangale (and recently in West Pokot) stand out as being the most frustrating to me.

There is SO much I see that I can't capture on film for the benefit of all of you. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,
These pictures are so fantastic. It is hard to imagine homes constructed of sticks and eventually stuck in a tree in a tarp for safe keeping! I always appreciate the people pictures. I am so glad you get them even when the people aren't too excited about it.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we have been to two funerals today - one for a baby girl who died in the mother's womb 5 days before she was due, the other an elderly gentleman who had Alhzeimers. The gentleman and family do not know the Lord. The family of the baby girl (Remembrance Faith) love the Lord. What a contrast! Sadness in both, but one leaned on Jesus, the other went out and had a beer party.
May your day be full of praise and Thanksgiving to the Creator of all our good gifts and blessings.
Love, Marge

Anonymous said...

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