09 November 2006

The Water "Dam"

As I explained, the Bangale area is arid; rainfall is quite minimal and sporadic.

So, people often dig huge holes in the ground - usually by hand! This particular one was started by hand and then later enlarged by a tractor. The holes remain empty, waiting for it to rain. Whenever the rain might come, the hole collects and stores it. That way, the folks living in the area can have a source of water.

This little girl was very apprehensive of me taking her picture, but I managed to sneak this one. Children do much of the water fetching.

This man is industrious! He came with several jerry cans with which to haul water home.

Another young child with this very daily chore.

Some people use donkeys to haul the water.

Notice the fellow on the right. See how he's leaning and pulling on a rope. The style they use to move the water from the dam to their homes is interesting and rather ingenious.

They've place a cut jerry can around the exterior of another. They then tie a rope to the handles of this outer can. The can on the inside (holding the water) remains stationary, as they drag - and thus rotate - the exterior one along on the sandy ground.

Again, you see how many children help out with this labor-intensive daily chore.

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